About Us

Opal Jay is a company created and run by Leigh-Ann McDougall, a mom with an entrepreneurial spirit who wanted to create clothes with love for babies and mommies that is funky but truly functional too. Our first launch towards the end of 2017 is just for baby, but watch this space as we soon expand our range with more baby wear and also into maternity wear.

At Opal Jay we have a love for funky fashion, but with a focus on ensuring our garments are functional and easy to wear. We hope you will love our designs as much as we do! A lot of love has gone into creating the perfect garments just for your tiny tot.

A lot of love has gone into creating the perfect garments just for your tiny tot.

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Our Philosophy

We are also proudly South African! Our product is manufactured in South Africa and we support South African industry. We believe in creating jobs in our own economy.
Our Philosophy is comprised of the 3C’s:


We only choose the best and most comfortable fabrics for our products, with the right weight for perfect temperature control.


Our easy to use designs, such as the two-way zips on our baby grow range, allow easy access to baby from the top (for changing clothing) and the bottom (for easy access to nappy for quick and efficient changes).

Cuteness Factor

Hand-picked fabrics with funky colours and fun designs to ensure your baby always looks adorable.

Our Story

I am a mom of a very energetic and happy one-year-old boy. The last year has been a fun one, but also full of learning curves being a first time mom. When my little one was on the way I did what all moms to be do – I shopped for the cutest looking outfits I could find.

It was not till my son, Jayden, arrived in October 2016 and I had to start changing a dozen nappies a day that I realised that sometimes functionality wins over fashion. However, as I have discovered, you can also have both! Now Opal Jay has been born and we want to bring these designs to you to make your life easier, while keeping your little one looking adorable and picture perfect all the time!

Because this brand has been inspired by my son, I decided to choose a name personal to him, and so our brand “Opal Jay Clothing” was born – from his birth month’s stone and his nickname.

I don’t know about you, but for me, those buttons or press studs on the baby grows are just too much, especially at 2:00am when I am changing a dirty nappy and all I want is to get back to bed. Zips make your life easier, and even better a two-way zip that makes access to nappy changing easy is a total win! Now you can have FUN-ctional baby grows for your little one – functional and fashion in one, and that there is a design out there that actually makes your life easier! That’s why I decided to make this revolutionary product available to you!

Our baby grow range offers you an easy to open and close, access from top and bottom baby grow that will make your life a whole lot easier! Click on Product Range to find out more.

We hope that you will love our designs as much as we have loved designing and creating them for you! Watch this space as we bring you more baby and maternity fashion that you will love.

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